Nel'atal's age of twenty-two is reflected in her appearance. Her emotional state is obvious with the expressive nature of her face. Her tusks are under an inch long, hooking towards her nose. Her eyes are large and orange-red.

On her left ear two bone earrings hang from the top, and on her right a red feather at the bottom. Her hair is in the shape of a dark blue mohawk with stark highlights from its shininess.

Nel’atal is seven feet high and weighs 200 pounds. Her height is exaggerated by five to ten inches with the volume of her hair, varying daily.

Her skin tone is light blue and body is muscular, especially on her arms. The angular nature of her face carries over to her body in the form of curvature, most-noticeable around her hips and thighs. Her breasts are proportionate to her thin frame.

Her fur is short, dense, and soft. It is thickest on the outer sides of her arms and shoulders. The fur over the majority of her body is thinner, especially on the inner-facing sides of her limbs. At the thinnest point, it is just enough to effect her coloring, a shade of blue lighter than her skin.

A scar is visible above her right elbow, creating a band of fur missing around the entire arm. 

Nel’atal’s voice is best described as light, cool, and slightly raspy. When relaxed and whispering or speaking softly, she articulates individual words less clearly and her cadence takes on a calm and husky quality. When projecting her voice, the lightness is replaced with hoarseness. When shouting or screaming, her voice becomes shrill and piercing. If she is sleepy or just woke up, her voice sounds similar to her whispering voice. When speaking Orcish, the heaviness of her accent relates to her emotional state; when she is angry or excited she talks more quickly and with a heavier accent.