Jal'antu and Neli walk the streets of Orgrimmar, gathering supplies for the construction of Sen'jin Village. Almost two months have passed since their arrival in Durotar.

Neli balances a water bucket on her head, bored of the redundant labor.

Jal'antu watches the bucket crash to the ground, drenching her daughter. She sighs, "Now we gotta go back."

At their half-finished home, Neli is deemed of little use carrying supplies.

Maj'atal crafts a shortbow from spare material for Neli, shooting at coconuts in the canopies of the Echo Isles. This becomes the girl's favorite activity, and food. He returns to building after a month, leaving Neli on her own.


From the second floor of their completed hut, Jal'antu watches her daughter combat a group of scorpids. A year has passed since they set foot in Durotar.

“Train her.” she says, sensing her mate enter the room.

“She’s no hunter, just keepin' her busy till she got's a mate.” Maj'atal says, throwing an arm around her shoulders.

Neli dodges a charging boar, running away from the pig and scorpids as they rip each other apart. 

"She's six." Jal'antu retorts. 

"When we have a boy, I train 'em."

The shaman casts a glance to her mate, "Ya parent's spirits would not be happy with this for the firstborn."

He remains silent for some time, “I’ll talk to her ‘bout it...” he mutters.