Neli rises to her feet, wearing a dazed expression. Her eyes travel along a lake's surface, whose reflection holds a purple sky, casting a glow over the dark landscape.

Ripples begin to break the reflection.

Shuddering with unease, she walks away from the water.

Pain rushes through her body and mind, falling to her knees as toes grip into the mud.

A low, level, and reserved voice emanates from within her body, speaking Zandali.

“Back to the water.”

Neli watches the purple sky fade with enchantment. Darkness envelops all but lake's surface, where the purple sky remains.

“You could be valuable.”

She waits for a follow-up to the statement, whispering, “What?”

"Darkspear survive time and trial. They endure slaughter and exile and strife, stronger through their struggles. You are Darkspear."

Her eyes widen, remembering the taming attempt, blood coursing through her veins.

“Who’s you?” she asks, eyeing the silhouetted figure in the reflection.

Turning to the side, the shape of a great raptor paces back and forth, “Gonk," he states, "there's no time for introduction, one-without-sight. Change is upon the world.”

Neli remains silent.

“I have a task. Complete it, and have the companion you desire.”

Lightning splits the sky, energy rippling over the surface of the lake.

“Recover the fragments of something forgotten, and restore its usefulness.”

She walks to the water’s edge, a runic symbol glowing on its surface.

“The mountains of Stranglethorn cover an object struck with this rune. Retrieve it, and have your reward.”

She gazes intently upon the shape before her - a pale object consisting of symmetrical halves of two full and half circles.

The symbol fade as he contiunes, “When time deems correct, two more pieces will be found.”

As the purple reflection begins to dissipate, he concludes, “'atalfi shall be 'atal.”