Neli groans, kicking off a blanket. The scent of home fills her nose.

“She moves!” Sefi exclaims, hovering over her sister.

“Y-yuh’s tusks gettin' big.” Neli says as her eyes come into focus.

Jal'antu sighs in relief, “Give her space ta breathe.” 

“Is she gonna move her hand no more?” Sefi asks, returning to her mother’s side.

Neli sits herself up, using her uninjured hand to rub her temple.

“Time will tell.” says Jal'antu.

Neli gazes at the limb in her lap, blinking at its previously bloody wrappings.

Jal'antu examines Neli's arm, “Ya been sleeping for three days.”

“Why’s my stuff knocked over?” Neli asks, looking around her room.

“Get water," Jal’antu says to Sefi, kneeling down close to the side of the bed, “Shaking. Lots ‘n lots… of shaking.”

Neli furrows her brow in confusion. 

The shaman sighs, eyes searching her firstborn, “Razor Hill's almost underwater, Barrens split in two, and Thrall's left for the Maelstrom.”

Neli’s eyes widen, remembering her vision, “Ma…”

Jal’antu raises a hand, “Don’t let these things fill your mind,” she stands, grabbing Sefi's water pitcher, “your arm's not without purpose. Got you and ya Papi home before… this,” she stirs a light green powder into the liquid, “drink it all.”

Gripping the cup with her good arm, she takes deep droughts of the liquid.


Neli awakens at the sound of footsteps.

"Scars on ya wrist look kinda neat." Sefi says, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Neli carefully flexes her fingers, unable to rotate her wrist. She grimaces, inhaling slowly.

The sisters are silent for several minutes.

Sefi whispers, "Glad ya's home longer than a day."

Neli's face softens, gazing to her sister, "Me too."

Sefi yelps, a windchime crashing to the floor, bones rolling everywhere.

Neli sits up, "Musta been loose from the shakin'."

Rising to her feet, Neli regains her balance carefully, rubbing her headache.

Sefi gathers bones onto the bed.

Neli stares at the scattered pieces, "Wait."

"What?" asks her sister.

Neli picks up a few bones, moving them to the side.

"Tell me!" Sefi says.

"Shush for a sec... makin' a shape." Neli replies, arranging her selected circular bones. 

Sefi watches her sister work, "Now can ya tell?"

"This," Neli says, "I saw before I's woke up yesterday."

Sefi twirls her hair in thought, “Like a dream? Ya's should tell Mami n' Papi!”

"Somethin' like it... and no, not yet," she runs a hand along her swollen arm, tensing her face, "we's makin' a necklace."