The mother and daughter travel to a cave less than a league south of Crystalvein Mine, the jungle's heavy rain soaking their fur.

Jal’antu sighs, bodies of Bloodsail pirates and Venture Company goblins around the entrance highlighted by the moonlight.

“Looks like we just missed– get down!” Neli ducks into a crater, the light of a torch illuminating a figure in the cave’s mouth. 

She unsheathes her bow, stringing an arrow. 

“There’s another way in.” Jal’antu says calmly, kneeling behind a fallen tree.

Neli snarls as she lets the arrow fly, “No need.”

They scurry up to the mouth of the cave, grabbing the torch. Her arrow protrudes from the forehead of the fallen Bloodsail. 

“This, right here, be where I met ya father.”

Neli stops scanning the area, looking to her mother, “Why ya think this thing’s in there?” She sets the bow down, unsheathing her dagger.

“Lotsa time spent 'ere... where I's learned all I know 'bout voodoo. Place that's not easy ta find, buncha old stuff.” 

Neli carves the pirate's chest, breaking the sternum. She slurps his blood with a cupped hand, crimson tinting her tusks and face. She rips out the still-beating heart, spraying her torso. 

"We's na burnin' that," says the shaman, "gonna need it." She puts the heart in a satchel, adjusting her grip on the torch.

Neli sets the arrow against her bow, “Let's go.”

Lightning flashes as they descend into the cave. 

Jal’antu frowns, dozens of bodies littering the floor, “Payment for destoryin’ this place.”

They step around the mining equipment, moving deeper underground.

"This's na supposed ta end." Jal'antu says, reaching a closed corridor filled with digging machines. An hour has passed since they entered the mine.

“Wrong turn?” Neli asks while sitting on machinery, pulling her feet out of the water up to her ankles.

Jal’antu shakes her head, “Na, there’s–“

Neli leaps of the machine as it rolls into the wall, rocks collapsing loudly.

The sound of a waterfall reverberates throughout the cave as the rocks subside.

Jal’antu waves the torch, illuminating an opening where the wall was struck.

They walk the narrow passageway, widening into a taller hallway after a small drop off.

Neli stops, putting up a hand. Her ears twitch at the sound of footsteps in the distance, “We need ta run.”

They take off around the bend, echoes of shouting in Common close behind.

A blunderbuss booms through the cave, dim light of the morning visible at an opening ahead.

Two Bloodsail climb into the opening, the trolls halting. The water's roar below a drop off is deafening.

The pursuers catch up, all surrounding the trolls.

Jal’antu throws herself backwards with an arm around Neli’s stomach.

All light vanishes as they flow down the caverns, shins scraping the bottom as they fall down the large waterfall.

With a great splash, they land in a pool at the base of the waterfall, floating in the current.

As their feet begin to drag on the soil, they limp ashore and collapse in the pitch darkness.

Catching her breath, Neli throws her arms around her mother, “Didn't know what ta do.”

Jal’antu coughs, wringing water out of her daughter’s braids, “Fightin’s not always the path ta take.”

The two lie in the embrace, mud plastering their fur flat.